In the nude…


Chanel (basically, the fashion industry’s religion) is actually forming a cult following in the beauty space, too. I’ve never really been a massive fan of Chanel make up – I’ve always found that their foundations don’t last, their choice of colours for eyeshadows and blushes are limited and their nail polishes chip easily (grrrr). Their lip glosses on the other hand…

I LOVE lip gloss. There, I said it. I also like lipstick and lip balm but I don’t LOVE them like I LOVE lip gloss. A slick of lip gloss for me finishes off my look and takes me from barely there to well, there, in one fell swoop of 206 Beige Star!

So why Chanel gloss?

Firstly, I’ve tried literally every lip gloss under the sun; I hate the way most brands use lip brushes rather than wands or proper applicators. The brushes just end up splaying and bending –  completely useless. The Chanel lip glosses have a wand style applicator which gets a massive tick in the box from me.

Secondly, the consistency is thick, providing much more coverage than your usual lip gloss. I can apply first thing in the morning before work and not need to top up until mid-morning – that’s a good 3 and a half hours of wear Chanel! Amazing.

Thirdly, the consistency is not, repeat not, sticky so you don’t need to worry about hair strands sticking to your lips and what not…I’m a massive fan of 206 Beige Star and layering this with 189 Rose Reve – it creates a glossy, nude finish with high shine. Try wearing a smokey eye too (I like Tom Ford’s eye palette in Golden mink) to get the best effect from the nude colour of your lips!


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