Posh does beauty: VB for Estée Lauder review

VB’s done it again.

She’s tapped into exactly what we want (urmm just like she did when she launched her fashion line). This makeup collection, in collaboration with prestige beauty powerhouse Estee Lauder, is a clever edit of all the products we ‘need’. And will obvs buy to look just like her. Housed into four key looks (New York, LA, London and Paris) each collection represents one of the cities that our beaut VB loves the most.


So what do all the collections stand for?

The New York collection is all about sapphire, nude and grey tones representing the “fast pace” of the big apple; bronze and gold hues reflect the “spirit and energy” of Los Angeles; the London collection is all about being dark and mysterious (it is the city where VB fell in love after all) – think smokey eye colours and gold tones and finally, the Paris collection oozes “French chic” with sultry red lips and emerald eyes.

From the moment I heard whispers about VB working with Estee, I literally stopped breathing. When fashion guru meets beauty guru you know you’re onto a must-have. I’ve always loved Victoria since her Spice Girl days (I even dressed up as her on my Year 7 leaving day…FAN). I love her even more now her style has evolved. I’d love to be able to afford her clothes, but let’s get real – I can’t. So having her make up collection (or one of the four…) is the closest I’ll get. Out of the four collections launched, I knew my go-to was going to be the LA collection. Mainly because my ‘look’ has always been smokey eyes and nude, glossy lips (just like VB, yeah).

Look, I’m not a freak or anything but I pre-ordered the LA collection from Selfridges because I was having nightmares about it selling out. Which wouldn’t be good for my blood pressure, babes. So right on cue, I marched into Selfridges on the 16th September to collect my goodies. And marched straight back home/drove…to try it all out!


And let me tell you, I’m so impressed with this collection. It’s everything you’d expect from the fashionista herself AND the beauty giant, Lauder. I bought the Java Sun Bronzer, Modern Mercury highlighter, Eye Kajal Duo eye-liner, Brazilian caramel toned lipstick and matching gloss, the eye palette and the Morning Aura Illuminating Crème. Basically it’s no food for a couple of months now as VB’s emptied my bank account.

The bronzer is really subtle. There’s no shimmer, no fad, just pure bronzer. The good thing about this bronzer in particular is that it’s buildable. Some bronzers, especially MAC ones, can sometimes be so heavy on the first application that you can look a bit drag queen-esque….I like that I can build the coverage with this one for a day-to-night look.

The highlighter. Wow. Definitely my favourite product from the collection. Go and get it NOW if you haven’t got it already. You only need a small amount on your brush because it’s so effective. It’s a real beige/gold shimmer and is beautiful at night if you’re going for dinner/drinks or dancing the night away. Love it! I can’t recommend it enough.


The lipstick and gloss are exactly as they look. I probably wouldn’t buy either again because the lipstick doesn’t give enough coverage for my liking and the gloss is a bit sticky. I’ll stick to my Chanel 206, thanks. The same goes for the eye palette; I was intrigued by all the colours and the promise of gold hues and the bright lights of LA…but I’d rather stick with my Bobbi Brown and Tom Ford to be honest. The colours aren’t that great. Well, nothing special anyway.


The eyeliner is great because it goes on so smoothly and you can smudge the jet black kohl easily to give that ultra-smokey effect. The vanilla coloured eyeliner on the other end is perfect to give that eye brightening effect so you look perkier in the mornings at work. Oh, and your eyes look wider.

The illuminating crème is brilliant. It really does illuminate the skin and give an almost ‘glossy’ finish so you can look fresh faced on a Saturday morning if you’re not keen on foundation. It’s great as a primer under foundation too and I’ve noticed that my foundation actually looks more ‘glowing’ as a result of using this. A must-have!

In the photo below I’ve got all the products on – I’m really happy with the make-up ‘look’ I achieved although I’m not sure I’d be mistaken for being from LA…I do really love the subtle nature of the bronzer and highlighter though.


Overall, the collection is great. It feels very VB. The packaging is so slick too, so you feel like you’re buying into her brand rather than just Estee Lauder. I can actually imagine her using these products too and it feels like she really has had her say as to what is signed off for these collections rather than just those celebs that do collaborations but have bugger all input.

I hope you’ve found the above useful! I’m off to buy the nude lip liner now – the one thing I didn’t get basically, yeah.


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