After dark style: Reiss leather jacket

It’s leather jacket season y’all.

There’s no denying that a leather jacket can cause a major dent in your bank account but if you invest in one, I promise you won’t regret it. Just say that to Barclays.

Quality and longevity come at a price but it’s worth splashing out. The leather jacket is the fashion gal staple, ultimate wardrobe hero AND the one piece of clothing that you can add to almost any outfit to give a tough- luxe edge.

Whether it’s layering over little dresses, silk shirts or pairing with skinny jeans, the leather jacket is your Autumn Winter must-have. Hunting for your perfect leather jacket can seem like a bit of a minefield, but you just need to determine the style you favour – biker chic anyone?

Always focus on the type of leather as this important aspect will make or break the look. With SO many textures to consider, maybe think about how much wear you want to get from this babe of a staple. Also, it’s key to think about colour. I would always choose a black leather jacket as it goes with everything and I get the most cost per wear…but charcoal could be another colour-way to consider.

Whatever you do, DON’T do brown, bebs (cowboy chic is very ’90s….eeeek). I also prefer gold hardware to silver but again, it’s personal choice! I like gold accessories so this option makes sense to me when styling up the jacket. I tend to like leather jackets that are collarless just because I think they appear sleeker but again, this is another thing on your check list to consider.

I was really pleased with my leather jacket purchase from Reiss recently. I’d been searching for the right style for ages and came across this one online – it was love at first sight by the way. Firstly, it’s called ‘Shelby’ (LOVE) and the leather is butter-soft with statement gold metal hardware. I like the asymmetric twist too with the zip and think this gives it a fashion-forward look for day to night dressing. It’s a slim fit, which I prefer, as I don’t really like baggy leather jackets that have a more masculine edge.

I teamed mine with a little black going out dress (Halston Heritage) and my trusty ‘Chanel 2.55’ (j’adore). I’m a fan of teaming leather with going out wear as it just ‘roughs’ the look up a bit and is perfect for Autumn dressing instead of a blazer for example.

Just remember the top tips when searching for your leather partner in crime – colour, style, leather texture, hardware and collar or no collar….voila.





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