Va-va-voom volume: breathe life into flat hair

Are you with me when I stress that nothing is better than tousled tresses with va-va-voom volume and gravity-defying lift? How many times have we all tried to create this look only to fall flat? (Literally, babes).

“I just want to look like Cheryl” I hear you shout! Well, fear not my fellow root booster friends –  now you can because I’ve found some great products that have changed my life y’all (urm, and given my hair life).

Drum roll, please:

Kerastase Styling Mousse Bouffante 150ml £19.50

Yes, I know it’s pricey (Cheryl locks don’t come cheap, gurrrl). But you’re worth it! So next pay day, if you invest in anything, invest in this.

Kerastase have always been the royalty of professional hair care. It’s very rare that you can go wrong with any of their products and if it’s good enough for the A-list then quite frankly it’s good enough for us, you know?

You can honestly wave ‘bye now’ to limp and tired locks with this product because it leaves such a strong yet buildable hold. You need to apply a golf ball sized amount to towel dried hair (whilst embracing the amazing smell!) before blow-drying.

This mousse is enriched with micronized polymers, Xylose and UV filters and so it truly protects your hair against any thermal damage, whilst also forming memory and enhancing work-ability – so  you can create your celebrity va-va-voom style.

The great thing about this mousse in particular is that there’s no crisp effect (that horrible feeling you sometimes get with other mass brands) so you’ll be able to create amazing volume and body without that horrid sticky texture. Perf.

Get it from: a professional hair salon that stock Kerastase



L’Oréal Professionnel, Infinium (Extreme Hairspray 500ml) approx. £10

Like most girls, I’ve used L’oreal hairspray since day dot. But I’d never come across this one until a hairdresser recommended it to me and chatted me through its benefits. I was dubious because it can obviously be a sell tactic but honestly, it’s amazing.

It gives my hair an instant, extreme hold with a really nice added shine. So I kind of feel like I’ve walked out of the salon every time ( a little bit). I think it really finishes off my hairstyle after I’ve used GHDs to do some loose waves in my hair.

The other benefit of this hairspray is that it has an anti-humidity action which means your hair won’t lose its style, even when you’re hot and bothered. Trust me, it works! It doesn’t leave residue in your hair either or make your hair feel itchy, which many hairsprays can do. Top tip – apply to sections of your hair rather than all over to really target certain styled areas i.e. sections of tousled waves.

Get it from: a professional hair salon that stock L’Oreal Professional


Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Dry Shampoo 250ml £5.99

You’ll all have heard of Lee Stafford – the celebrity hairdresser. (I think he’s styled Mila Kunis’ locks so he’s a winner in my eyes). Lee has recently brought out his Coco Loco range of products which are all based on one key ingredient – the coconut!

Everyone is talking about the benefits of coconuts and we’re all using it for cooking, yeah, so it’s no surprise that there’s an abundance of products coming on to the market focusing on this. Basically, coconut oil is really rich in lauric acid which has a natural affinity to hair protein. This means that it can provide amazing hydration and softness to the hair.

This dry shampoo is described on the canister as a delicate powder that’s gentle on the scalp yet super absorbent. There’s a really nice coconut scent to this product (which you’d expect, obviously) but it’s not too overpowering. I’ve got really dark brunette hair and this product doesn’t leave me with white powdery residue, which a lot of dry shampoos can. I usually apply this in the morning before all my other hair products if I’m in-between washing my hair. It adds a ‘fresh’ kind of volume to the hair and lifts the roots. It’s the best dry shampoo I’ve found, folks.

Get it from: your local Boots.


Below is my hair after using all of the above products! I’m really pleased with the results and can’t recommend the above products highly enough. I know it’s not a wild bouffant BUT I like the subtlety of the  volume and waves plus it’s not gone frizzy, which is a bonus (and shows the quality of the products!).

I know they’re expensive but I’ve tried so many mass brands from Boots and just been utterly disappointed with the results. So I felt it was time to invest wisely. Oh, and you probably know this anyway but using a barrel brush is key to volume, especially if you’re blow-drying using the mousse and then hairspray.

Happy styling 🙂







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