Chanel Beauty Haul: The Products You Need This Spring


An iconic, luxurious and truly elegant brand, Chanel is the epitome of timeless, classic style across both the fashion and beauty realm.

Chanel’s covetable beauty collection fuses the desirable world of fashion and beauty together so perfectly with exclusive products that just scream glamour. I’m a beauty junkie (always have been and always will be) and I love to try new products on a monthly basis. Yet one brand keeps me running back for more – and by more, I mean both repeat purchases and buying into new products – all hail Chanel.

It’s finally Spring and for the vast majority of us, that means a more dewy, golden make-up look, peachy shades and a nude lip. I’ve actually been lusting after a new bronzer for a while but there are so many out there that it can become blinding as to which brand to go for and which finish to aspire to achieve.

For those of you that have read any of my previous beauty posts, you may recall me singing the praises of Tom Ford’s ‘Gold Dust’ bronzer – a beautiful golden powder bronzer with a subtle shimmer. It’s beautiful and still a favourite product of mine, but as the season’s change so does my skin and I have recently found that the powder has been clumping slightly on certain areas of my cheeks.

Which got me thinking – why hadn’t I ever tried a cream bronzer? The perfect solution.

I’d read such positive reviews about the Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer – a cream gel formula – that I knew I had to try it. It’s amazing. Revolutionary in fact.

So, here’s the low-down. This cream-gel bronzer glides on to skin to leave a velvety finish and I’d describe the final look as unbelievably sun-kissed yet natural with a matte effect. The gel-powder texture is actually created by a composition of mineral waxes which create the ease of application and mineral powders for the truly mattifying result.



I purchased the Chanel Touch Up brush to use with this bronzer and literally apply it as if I’m only making small retouches, starting in the centre of the face and working outwards blending well. So imagine small circular motions from the centre of your cheek outwards and repeat. It’s a stunning product and one that’s now firmly on my beauty radar. I’ll be repeat purchasing, for sure.


I also purchased the Chanel Blush in shade ‘Orchid Rose’. It works wonderfully well with the bronzer and just simply enhances my complexion with a peachy glow. I’m not a fan of bright or overly stark blushes and much prefer peachier tones – this fits the bill, perfectly. I have tried other shades of Chanel blush before and they just weren’t for me so I’m really pleased that I’ve finally found The One.


Lastly, I re-purchased my most favourite beauty product EVER – Chanel Lipgloss in Beige Star 206. I’ve used this for probably 5 years and don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon. I layer this gloss over Tom Ford Nude Vanille or Sable Smoke lipstick to create my preferred nude lip. The thing that I love about Chanel lipglosses is that they’re not sticky in anyway whatsover, the colour is long-lasting and highly pigmented so you get an almost creamy lipstick effect. And, the colour of nude/beige is just incredible – beyond perfection.



What products have you purchased to update your Spring beauty wardrobe? Are you also a fan of Chanel beauty? Leave me a comment and let me know – it’s always great to hear from fellow beauty addicts.

Here’s the final look!



You can purchase the products I’ve mentioned in my blog post, here:

Soleil De Tan De Chanel £36

Chanel Touch-Up Brush £34

Chanel Blush in ‘Orchid Rose’ £34 

Chanel Lipgloss in ‘Beige Star 206’ £22 (I purchased from House of Fraser)



3 thoughts on “Chanel Beauty Haul: The Products You Need This Spring

  1. That fresh soleil tan de chanel is giving me life!! Mine definitely doesn’t look like that anymore haha And you look stunning! The products really suit you ❤ x


  2. Your make up looks amazing do you share more looks or products you use on another social media outlet? You should definitely make your own YouTube channel


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