Why I’m Using Dior Skincare This Spring


Winter has officially left the building!

With the promise of warmer months ahead, don’t just think about updating your wardrobe – it’s so important to transition your skincare regime from Winter to Spring, too. Take a close look at your current routine and attempt to build up a Spring/Summer skincare collection that will keep your skin protected and beautifully glowing.

We all know that rich creams are great for added luxury and protection in the Winter but far too much for the warmer months. Switch to a lighter, more hydrating face cream for Spring/Summer that will keep your skin hydrated without causing an over-production of natural oils.

To welcome Spring with open arms, I’ve chosen Dior’s Hydra Life range to help my skin become stronger, more luminous and plumped for the warmer months ahead.

This brand new range from Dior is absolutely beautiful; not only does it smell incredibly fresh and inviting, it’s also highly concentrated in natural ingredients and offers new-generation hydration in a strikingly fresh formula that helps activate the skin’s natural defences.

The first product I’ve purchased from this range is the Dior Hydra Life Lotion to Foam Cleanser. It’s beautiful and smells just like Spring to me! This lotion is different to a lot of other cleansers out there – it’s a liquid to look at but in just one pump, the lotion transforms into a rich and airy foam cleanser. It’s also highly concentrated in natural white tea leaf extract which is a great antioxidant for the skin, effectively removes all traces of makeup and deeply cleanses, purifies and refreshes the skin. I use this in the shower and it just makes my skin feel refreshed, revitalised, cleansed and polished.


The second product I have welcomed into my Spring skincare regime, is the Dior Hydralife Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence Aqua Serum.

This is the most amazing 3 in 1 formula in just one single step as it has the ultra-concentrated moisturisation of a serum, the radiance boost of a gentle peel and the toning effect of a lotion. It’s a translucent blue liquid texture which immediately looks refreshing and revitalises the skin. The formula is actually concentrated in Mallow and Haberlea leaf which promotes youthful radiance; I can really see a difference in my skin after just a month of using this product – my skin is glowing, clear of blemishes and feels truly radiant without make-up.


The final product in my Spring skincare overhaul is the Dior Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Creme (isn’t the name amazing in itself?! It makes me want to eat it!).

This is, hands down, my favourite product out of all three purchases; the sorbet creme moisturises, nourishes and rebalances the skin for 24 hours after application, while helping strengthen its natural defences. The celadon blue creme-gel texture offers a breathtaking refreshing effect and is like silk against the skin. I’ve used this for just over a month now and my skin feels much healthier, much more hydrated and incredibly smooth as a result.


It’s so important to address the shift in climate and further exposure to external aggressors by incorporating new skincare products that will aid your skin’s needs this Spring. So give your skincare regime a much-needed Spring clean to get brighter, healthier skin this season.

It’s important to go into department stores and ask questions about what’s right for your skin – there’s no one formula fits all – I’m all for hydrating my skin in Spring/Summer and am drawn to specific brands (namely Dior and Clarins for my skincare purchases) for their quality offerings. The Dior Hydra Life range is a welcomed addition to my new Spring/Summer skincare wardrobe and I’ll be re-purchasing all three products when needed – they’re dreamy.

What’s your go-to skincare brand? Have you tried and fallen in love with Dior’s Hydra Life range? Do you have any Spring/Summer skincare tips?! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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